The Ambassadeur group is a relatively newly founded organization at the S-chapter. We work to integrate the international students into the chapter. This includes organizing the Master reception for both new students of the fall and spring. We also organize some events during the semester to engage the students into the Swedish traditions and also the traditions of KTH.

Don’t hesitate to contacts us if you got any question, it doesn’t matter if it’s about the school or Sweden in general, we will do our best to answer all your question.

Love, The Ambassadeur Group

Chairman and head of economy, Ludvig Lundberg, 0762357179

Head of logistics, Simon Larsson, 0703914757

Head of events, Donya Dam, 0737329271

Head of buddies and head of corporate relations, Natasha Mridha, 0737681328

Head of buddies and head of corporate relations, Bjondina Hoti, 0737294409