Hello all international students and all other students who are interested in international matters. This is a page for you!

This page gives you an introduction of the ambassadeur group, the chapter ande the board. Moreover there are som information given about the groups, post officials and boards.

The ambassadeur group is a group of volunteers who are studying at the ABE-school and who have a big interest in international matters and who wants to learn more about other cultures as well as making the international students a more integrated part of the S-chapter.E-mail:

Description: You could describe my post as the link between the international students, other students interested in international matters, the student union (THS) and the study advisers (KTH).


The Chapter

At the S-chapter, or S-sektionen as it is called in Swedish, there are a number of groups and organizations which you can join.

This page is for international students, international questions and everything that touches international matters for everyone who studies at the ABE-school, and therefore are a part of the S-chapter.

Now we ask ourselves, what is a chapter?
You could say that a chapter is a partition of the student union which link students who study the same things, in our case Civil Engineering, Real Estate Management, Traffic/Urban Planning and similar. For the members of the S-chapter there is a place called oaSen, our home base, where we can eat our lunch, study, buy coffee or just chill.

The adress for oaSen is Brinellvägen 1, in the L-building.

If you want to be keep up with everything that is happening at the chapter, join the facebookgroup:
Samhällsbyggnad KTH International Students