We have also a number of chapter post officials, boards and groups. These are:

Studienämnden/ The study committee:

Studienämnden is where SNO, PAS and ÅKE meet and discuss the education within the S-chapter. This is open for all students at the ABE-school who wants to discuss their education.

PAS – Programansvarig student/ student responsible for the field of study:
For the S-chapter we have 2 PAS, 1 for the S-program and 1 for FoF-program. PAS are the ones responsible for the long time development of the programs and tries to develop courses, the order of the courses and the overall coherence of the programs.

ÅKE – Årskursrepresentanter/classrepresentatives:
ÅKE are the ones who try to develop the courses that occur right NOW. ÅKE stays in contact with the professors and teachers of a course and presents the students opinions during the course. ÅKE also has a discussion with the responsible teacher after the course about the evaluation and tries to set up goals of improvements for the next time the course is given. There can never be too many ÅKE so if you are interested, contact SNO for more information.

QBM – The Qlubbmästeri
QBM is a club with about 30 members who organizes all the partys on Samhällsbyggnadssektionen/The S-chapter!
Every week (usually on thursdays) they open up the bar in oaSen. Don’t be afraid to come by and have a cold beer after a long day of studies ????
At the end of every month (around the 25th) they’re hosting a more of a night clubish event with cheap (and wonderful) drinks, great dancefloor and lots of big smiles.
Are you eager to join? Are you THE party animal? Don’t hesitate to apply! Recruitment is in the fall.
If you want to know when events from QBM happens, become friends with Rosa Grisen on Facebook. Twitter:


Jämno is the equality and diversity representative for the S-chapter. This means that Jämno works for everyone’s equal rights regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. Jämno does this by participating in THS JML meetings. JML stands for Jämlikhet (Equality), Mångfald (Diversity) and Likabehandling (equal treatment). At the JML meetings every chapter representative participates along with THS central and other interested students. Together they discuss equality issues and how to make KTH and all chapters more equal. Jämno is also responsible for the S-chapter Equality Group. Like our Equality Group and Jämno on facebook, and follow @jamnos on Instagram.

Contact Jämno by email


Qlenod is working with patches and overalls and is also the guard of ancient objects hidden in our inventory. So if you want a souvenir from the chapter, when Qlenod is the organization you want to talk to!                                                                          Mail:

Sportig at Samhällsbyggnad is the one who’s responsible for sport activities at the chapter and is also a part of planning bigger events at KTH. Every week we have one hour booked in KTH-hallen between 5-6 pm. During this hour we play different games and sports such as floorball, basketball and volleyboll. Twice a year we have a golf tournament and also some other sport events during the year that is fun to join. If you have any suggestions of sports that we can do, don’t hesitate to contact Sportig at Also follow Sportig Samhällsbyggnad on Facebook for information and schedule for upcoming events.

Nominating committee

Working with Interviewing and preparing all the elections for the different chapter posts.                                                                 Mail:


We at SNOW organize and plan skiing trips to Åre and to the European Alps each year. So if you want unforgettable memories of perfect skiing, fun after-ski and party all night you should join us on our trips. Over the last three years we have grown and SNOW is now a cooperation between the S-chapter and Bergs. Each year more and more travelers get together and we have so much fun!

Follow us on our social media:

Instagram: @snowgoesalperna

Facebook: SNOW


KVSIF is the chapters spex association, which is a humoristic, musical-like theater that lets the audience get involved with the happenings on stage! We set up a new spex every spring. The association includes around 70 students which includes everyone who is involved with the show from scriptwriters and costumedesigners to technicians, actors and singers.

Check out our social medias at:

Instagram: @kvsif

Facebook: KVSIF


Lava is a career fair held the second Thursday in February every year, were around 100 exhibitors participate and over 3000 visit. Lava is not just a career fair but many other activities are available for students to attend, such as lunch lectures, workshops and CV-coaching. Lava is the biggest career fair for a single school section in Sweden and an excellent opportunity for students to network with companies within their industry and tie valuable bonds for the future.

Facebook: Lava KTH

Konglig Samhällsbyggnadssektion FC

Konglig Samhällsbyggnadssektion FC is a football team at the section of Civil Engineering and Urban Management at KTH Stockholm. The team was started in early 2015 by students from the section. The team is organized by a board of players which decide about trainings, games, economics, public relations and such.

Before the season 2016 Konglig Samhällsbyggnadssektion FC also started a women’s team with a separate board of female players. Both teams got elected as an official part of the section which means economic support. Despite the support, every player pays a yearly fee to show the team their commitment.

The teams practice 1-2 times a week plus match in series plays during the season.

Open tryouts were hold during the fall for the men’s team where 7 new players were welcomed to the team.

The vision for Konglig Samhällsbyggnadssektion FC is to create a platform were student and members of the working life can meet. As a player you will be able to keep playing even after your studies at KTH if you become a support member of the section. This way in a few years’ time, new student can play alongside members of attractive companies for the student.

Although the board will always consist of active student who have played in the team for at least one year and at least two years for the captain post.

Instagram: @fcsamlaget and @fcsamdam