The board

The S-chapter have a board, which consist of:

Anton Kindlund e-mail:
Description: The President is the one who leads the work on S-chapter. The president is responsible for the S-chapter and is its public face.

Vice President
Karl Mårtensson e-mail :
Description: The vice president, VP, is working close with the president. Among other duties the vice president has to replace the presidents on event of his or her death, resignation or incapacity. The vice president handles all the money that comes and goes within the chapter. And that’s a lot of money!

Josefin Falk e-mail:
Description: Head of the Qlubbmästeri, see information below.

SNO – Studienämndens ordförande:
Karolina Näsén e-mail:
Description: SNO is the one responsible for the education monitoring at the S-chapter. SNO is part of different councils at the ABE-school and stands up for the students’ rights in planning and preparation for new courses and changes in the programs. SNO can also help out if you feel like you’ve been mistreated in a course with for example the grades and can seek help from the responsible at THS (the student union at KTH).

Frida Carlsson e-mail:
Description: Is the leader of the committee of the S-chapters own labour market group, SARG. He/she is also in the committee of Samhällsbyggnadslänken, a corporation group between the ABE-School and companies from the industry. The VP is also the business contact at the chapter.


Sidra Akbar e-mail:
Description: Jämno is working against discrimination of any kind, sex, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion.

Further members:

Reynaldo Cardenas Sanchez
Jesper Andersson
Ellen Gegerfelt
Mario Ishak

If you are not sure who to contact, you can reach the board at