In the S-Chapter there are a variety of groups and roles which are to be filled by members of the chapter through chapter meetings. Valberedningen’s mission is to prepare the elections through announcing the roles and groups that need to be filled, find suitable candidates and conduct interviews with the applicants.Furthermore the committee also has the mandate to advocate for one or several of the candidates, which means that Valberedningen, based on the interviews, gives guidance for the chapter meetings.

The board of Valberedningen is a committee that is elected at a chapter meeting. 

If you wish to be a part of the group or have any questions you can contact us through The same goes for contacting the listed members further down.

Instagram: @svalberedningen

 The members of Valberedningen of the operational year 23/24 are:

Lucas Larsson Lindh
Livia Aronsson
Ebba Johannisson
Erik Novak
Linnea Thodenius
Johanna Kjellberg