KF: Union Council

KF: Union Council

The union council (KF) is the union’s highest decision-making body and decides primarily on the major strategic moves that are made, such as budget, business plan, and various positions. One can resemble KF to a parliament of the union, where major decisions are made that affect everyone.

As a KF member, one works actively together with both THSs more central parts and with other chapters, in order to be able to improve each student’s study time. As a part of KF, we create, develop and present motions and governing documents that lay the foundation for all chapters statutes. Right now, we are trying to solve, among other things, how KF can hold more influence over THS’s budget process and increase its transparency without adding unnecessary bureaucracy. Work has also begun to facilitate the work between the chapters and Nymble’s restaurant, as we often use their premises and alcohol permits at major events in Nymble.

The electoral process of the Union Council

KF members (or representatives) are elected by the chapter members, whom all are welcome to candidate for the role. The candidacy takes place in the spring semester (usually in March) and is followed by a voting period. After which the results are established and the members are chosen during an Union Council in the end of the semester. KF members have a mandate period of one year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Union Council and their work, you are free to contact them by email at: kf@s-sektionen.se