Get involved

Get involved

We’re delighted that you have found your way here and want to contribute to make the chapter a better, livelier, and more inclusive place for all! Here you will find some helpful tips and advice if you either want to start a new chapter group, apply to become a member of an existing group or apply for funding in order to create a fun event for our chapter members.

Start a new group

Unfortunately all references to Canvas are only available in Swedish as of now, but hopefully the following documentation can still be of help.

  1. Make sure that the group that you are planning to create does not already exist.
    a. If you find a group which you would like to become a member of, then you can continue reading here for information on how to apply to existing groups within the chapter.

  2. Think critically about the purpose of and long term survivability of your proposed

    a. Will you be able to create a platform/structure that allows for an easy
    transition to the next one that will be responsible for the group?

  3. Consider what budget will be required in order for the group to operate over a year.
    a. If you want to find inspiration, the S-chapter Canvas page is the place to look
    under the path:
    Filer → Gällande dokument 20XX → Budget

  4. Read the PM for existing groups that are similar to the group that you want to create.
    a. The current PM can be found on the S-chapter Canvas page under the path:
    Filer → Styrdokument → PM

  5. Initiate contact with the chapter board for support if you need it.
    a. Remember that the chapter board is here to help and support all chapter
    members. Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you’re feeling insecure.
    b. The chapter board can be contacted via or the contact
    form on the website.

  6. Write a “motion” (a proposal).
    a. TIP: look at Esset’s “motion” for SM1 2020 or Qlenods “motion” for SM2 2021
    for inspiration. These documents can be found on the S-chapter Canvas page
    under the path:
    Filer → Sektionsmöten → 202X → Motioner

  7. Submit your “motion” to the chapter board before the next SM (chapter meeting).
    a. Please consider that the “motion” needs to be available to the board at least 8
    working days before the meeting.

Apply for an existing post/group

  1. Gather information.
    a. Read the PM! These are what you could call our chapter’s “governance documents and guidelines”. Within the PM you can find the various groups that exist within our chapter and the predetermined guidelines which are to be followed throughout the group’s mandate. PM can be found on Konglig Samhällsbyggnad Canvas page under the path:
    Filer → Styrdokument.
    b. Speak with students currently involved within the chapter and ask about their roles, responsibilities and what they think of their work. If you wish to get in touch with an active member but lack knowledge of the appropriate course of action, you can always ask ‘Valberedningen’ (our election committee) through

  2. Consider the role or post you wish to apply for.
    a. A good start would be to consider the following questions: What interests me the most? Which part of the chapter would I like to help expand? How much time am I comfortable with dedicating to this work?

  3. Apply for the role.
    a. All chapter members have the right to apply for the roles and groups withing our PM. “Valberedningen” will announce vacancies within chapter groups in an appropriate time leading up to each of our chapter meetings. When there is a vacancy for your role of interest, you can e-mail your application to The application shall include your name and contact information, often the committee will alert our students if there is need for any other material. E.g. sometimes it is appropriate to include your CV/resumé or some motivating text for your application to certain roles or groups.
    b. After sending in the necessary information, you will be contacted from the committee confirming that they have received your application.
    c. NB! It is also possible to show your interest in the role/group by making a spontaneous application during the set chapter meeting. Then your application will be taken into regards with the others, however the committee won’t be able to share an opinion and can therefore not vouch for you in these cases. (Read more about the implications of this in the next step below.)

  4. Interview.
    a. “Valberedningen” will call on all candidates for interviews in order to find the best suited person for the roles/groups. Their summaries of each interview will also be shared with the other chapter members before the chapter meeting in order for all students to take part in your application in advance. That way, the students will be knowledgaable in the various candidates for each role and can make a well-informed desicion during the election of said roles. The committee also has the mandate to advocate for one or several of the candidates in question, if they feel certain applicants are prominently suited for the role. They make this recommendation based on the interviews with each candidate and share their opinions during the chapter meetings. Thereby vouching for the people they believe have the best qualifications for the various roles and groups in question.

  5. During the chapter meeting.
    a. The elections of the various roles and groups take place during pre-set chapter meetings. During these you have the opportunity to introduce yourself as an applicant and answer questions from the other chapter members. Once all questions have been answered, the chapter members will ask you to step outside momentarily while they hold a closed discussion regarding your candidacy. The applicant with the mayority of the votes will be elected during the meeting. The chapter members can also decide not to elect any candidate and instead keep the role in question vacant. Depending on the role, there will be other opportunities for electing someone for the vacancy. Oftentimes the chapter members at the meeting will decide on granting the chapter board the sole mandate to themselves elect an appropriate candidate in the nearest future.

  6. Congratulations!
    a. You have been elected and are now a so called “funktionär” (volunteer or elected offical for a specific role) within the chapter of Konglig Samhällsbyggnad. All roles are active for up to a year and with a specific start and end date, which are all detailied in the chapter’s PM. There you can also read about the specifics of your chosen assignment and follow the various responsibilites which you have now been elected to follow during your mandate period.

Create a temporary event

The EventSfond (previously known as the “Funktionärsfond”) is a fund available to all chapter members with the sole purpose of creating value to the members of the S-chapter. As a chapter member you are allowed to apply for these funds in order to create events where all chapter members are able to or given the opportunity to attend. Before applying for funds it might be a good idea to investigate what funds are available for the current year. This information can be found on the S-chapter Canvas page under the path:
Filer → Gällande dokument 202X → Budget.

The application has to be sent via email to or through the contact form
and should contain the following information:

  1. A description of the event you want to create.
  2. An explanation of how the event will bring value to all chapter members.
  3. A preliminary budget.

For other thoughts or questions, you are always welcome to contact the chapter board. Either through the contact form at this website or by e-mailing us at: